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Top Gemstones Worn for Their Healing Energies

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Moonstone manages to ease one’s mind, and the body washes off negative energies. An iridescent gemstone looks best in a blue hue and is most picked and popular. Although, it comes in white, yellow, orange, pink, and cream color shades. Wearing moonstone jewelry connects to the subconscious mind, healing the issues related to menstrual cycles, anxiety, stress, and depression. Moreover, wearing it every day will develop the creative and innovative energies inside the wearer. It also promotes clarity in thoughts.


The bluestone is loved for its appearance and healing energies. It has a white streak on the surface, enhancing its uniqueness and making it rare. The larimar stone is composed of pectolite minerals and traces of copper and iron in it. The wearer can feel the energy of the fire and water in the stone as it resembles to the Caribbean sea, which allows the wearer to have a safe and sound sleep. In addition, wearing larimar jewelry while going to the workplace will bring peace and patience to the individual. The wearer would make a wise decision in their life with the power of Larimar with them.


Moldavite is a tektite that is the impact of the comets and meteoroids that have fallen to the earth in the area of the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago. These stones have the energy of the moon and star in them, which relieves the aggressive inclinations in both men and women by devitalizing feelings of irritation, rage, or overbearing and pushing stability, focus, and balance in life. Also, it has special benefits for the ones born between 20 April to 20 May. In addition, if you meditate while wearing the Moldavite jewelry, you can attain the higher spiritual energy of the space.


Opals are the most beautiful and delicate gemstone to be worn in the form of jewelry. They consist of silica and water inside them, and it took almost 5 million years to form these alluring gemstones. They don’t have any light of their own and only reflect the light of the object they fall upon. Opal jewelry has the power to bring success in matters of love and business. They are the best anniversary gifts for surprising spouses. It tends to create a rich aura in which you feel clear of mind.


Turquoise is the oldest gemstone to be mined and worn to bring success and prosperity in life. Kings and queens have worn this gemstone in their crown to protect their emperor from evil eyes. Moreover, it is called the stone of protection. Therefore, turquoise jewelry is best worn in the form of rings and bracelets, as it will always safeguard its wearer from the difficult challenges of life. In addition, it will bring good fortune and happiness to the life of the wearer.


The March birthstone Aquamarine gemstone is the blue color water stone having the cooling energies to soothe the life of the wearer. It is a hard gemstone, which rates around 8 on the Mohs scale.

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