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Top 5 Feature Of Pinterest You Must Know In 2022

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Feature Of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the highest used social media with 433 million global active users every month. Therefore, this is becoming more than a platform to gather inspiration by serving several other purposes of the users.

If you are still not using Pinterest, you are missing the new products for shopping and trend predictions. However, no matter if you are a shopper or seller, the app has so many tools that you must know.

So, scroll through this article to find out Pinterest features you must know to go ahead in 2022.

Top 5 Pinterest Features To Know In 2022

Pinterest has been the most significant platform to derive inspiration for a lot of things. For example, I remember myself finding inspiration for clothing to gradually become a shopper on this platform.

Yes, this is how Pinterest has changed over time. Once it was not possible to check out on Pinterest, and now it is offering to shop with your lens.

So, take a look at these 5 features of this platform that you must know in 2022.

1.    Shopping According To Taste And Values

Pinterest offers a new shopping destination called “Your Shop” to browse, choose, and buy. The most exciting thing about this tool is that it is ultimately designed to every individual’s preference. It will allow people to find a customized shopping surface with products and brands according to their shopping behavior.

In addition, Pinterest is also offering value-based shopping, which helps people find products or brands aligned with their interests. Its new feature, “merchant value,” enables brands to share their values. It helps people find those brands that hold the same value as they have.

This feature is now available in US pinners’ beta version. However, Pinterest will soon make this feature available to all the US pinners and also to other countries.

2.    Pinterest API To Sell Product Catalog

Pinterest marketing is great for sellers, especially with the new API for shopping. This new tool is a game-changer as it makes the audience find your catalog on Pinterest way easier. It also automates your catalog update and upload.

So, you do not need to update your pricing when it is the sales season or update the stocks. Thus, it helps the seller to reach more shoppers on the platform with their catalog and also sell it. Moreover, it is beneficial to both shoppers and sellers on the forum.

You can reach out and consult your Pinterest rep for more information on this and try it out for yourself.

3.    Making Purchases More Efficient

There was a time when we used to find ways to purchase things from Pinterest directly. Nevertheless, Pinterest solved this problem with their new tool called “Check out.” This new tool enables people to complete their shopping of what they like.

Almost 64% of Pinterest pinners visit the app for shopping. In addition, they are 7 times more likely to complete their purchase if they pin something. It proves how the new tool was desired by people to fulfill their shopping desire.

This new feature is now in beta, and only some US Shopify merchants can use it currently. However, it will be available for people other than those who use Pinterest for Shopify.

4.    Trend Prediction For Enhanced Business

Pinterest is already a place to find inspiration and trends. However, where other platforms let you know about the trend once it goes viral, Pinterest is way ahead of time. For example, people can find the highlights of “Pinterest predicts” that have the annual “Not-yet-trending report.”

This report contains some surprising and unpredictable trends that are about to blow up in the upcoming year. These predictions are an advantage or creator, along with the existing updates on Pinterest trends tools. It will help plan on the content you make as a creator to stay up for the year.

This new tool is already accessible to businesses and creators in the UK, US, and Canada. The unique insights will provide features such as trend types, real-time data, granular audience tools, etc.

5.    More Accurate Shopping With Your Lens

Another crazy feature of Pinterest is to shop with your camera lens. It will let the users take a picture of an item they are searching for with the app camera. It will help them find similar products from different sellers on Pinterest within seconds.

It resembles the Google reverse image search in reality. Along with helping the buyers and pinner, it will also benefit the sellers. All they need to do for their products to appear is to set up product pins.

Wrapping It Up

Pinterest has always been an essential means of social media marketing for several businesses. Especially if small to medium businesses, this app has sky-high limits to benefit them. Nevertheless, these 5 features mentioned above are going to improve the way people shop and sell products on Pinterest.

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