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Top 18 Easiest Jobs with the Highest Salary in the USA

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Finding simple, high-paying jobs in Elizabeth City NC is the most sought-after goal when it comes to job prospects. After all, who does not want to make a lot of money by being in a job that is not stressful?

This is a dream, isn’t it?

Fortunately, there are multiple options. Also, most high paying jobs do not require a ton of education, experience, or training. If you are looking for exciting and lucrative careers, you need to know about the same.

What Is a Good Job?

Before we dive into jobs in the USA that you may want to consider, let us pause and see the parameters of suitable employment in Elizabeth. First, a position does not have to be tedious or challenging to be easy. Second, there should be no stress at all, either.

Generally, “easy jobs” is a relative term. It may mean that you enjoy the job enough not to feel pressured. Or it may mean that it does not require a ton of special training, making it an option for almost anyone. In such cases, the job starts seeming natural and comfortable.

TIP: For many, what seems ‘easy’ is related to their natural ability. For instance, people who possess drawing skills may find art roles relevant, while those who cannot make their way through a paper bag may not. Look at what you know well and what you enjoy doing. This way, you can find what works best according to you.

For simplicity, this list includes easy high, paying jobs with low pressure, and many people already enjoy performing them. These factors can make the job feel more manageable and enjoyable, which is most often the description of what careers in the USA  people consider easy.

18 Easy High Paying Jobs

Here’s a look at 18 simple high-paying jobs you can find:

1. Housekeeper

If you are looking for simple, high-paying jobs, do not downplay one of a housekeeper. Your primary job responsibility is to be present and ensure that the home is taken care of while the owners are away. Usually, there will be a few other tasks, such as watering the plants, checking the email, and perhaps even a simple routine cleaning. But most of your work is to maintain cleanliness and safety while staying in someone else’s house.

Also, this role does not prevent you from holding other jobs in the USA. If there is Wi-Fi available, you can work remotely from the house or independently. As long as you are not responsible for staying in that house 24/7, you can typically go out in breaks and function.


2. Personal trainer

If you would like to spend as much time working hard as possible, then a personal trainer job may be your perfect option. You help other people get fit and improve their health. You often work close to your clients to ensure they use the suitable form and stay safe.

While you do not need to be technically qualified or licensed, getting a few certificates can enhance your chances of earning good money. Those in the industry make more than enough, so strengthening your qualifications can be worth the investment.

Personal trainer

3. Ophthalmologist

Yes, you often need a doctorate to become an eye doctor, committing yourself to a bit of learning. However, once you have completed the training and have your license, this can easily qualify as one of the best high paying jobs.

In particular, the career line of optometry is simple because it is straightforward. They determine the patient’s vision, diagnose and treat certain eye diseases, and deal with eye injuries. Also, you get to help people see better, and that’s great.


4. Flight Guard

In this straightforward job, the flight crew ensures that the passengers are taken care of and resolved any problems. Now, this role is not automatically free of stress, as passengers (as the internet has repeatedly shown) can sometimes get out of control. But most passengers are soft-spoken. Plus, this can be a fun experience once you get accustomed to it.

Flight Guard

5. Dog Walker

If you love animals and are not afraid to take on jobs in the USA where much exercise is needed, a dog walker maybe your best option. As long as you walk the dogs for the proper length in routine, you will probably succeed.

Generally, this is a temporary position that has the potential to complement your salary. Most owners do not care if you go out with other people, so you can put on your social side to interact with your friends the most during that hour.

The compensation is fair, considering that no special education or training is required.

Dog Walker

6. Toll Booth Attendant

Speaking of simplicity, it is difficult to beat a toll booth worker. You will spend your time collecting toll fees from passing cars and raising the gate to let them in. The job description cannot possibly be any clearer.

Also, some of these are national government positions, which means they come with solid profit packages, making the role quite profitable overall.

Toll Booth Attendant

7. Massage Therapist

Being a massage therapist means getting formal guidance and a license. However, it can be a great option if you enjoy making people relax or helping them with certain physical conditions.

Most massage therapists can control their routine, although there are options for working full-time with clinics or retail outlets.

Massage Therapist

8. Library workers

All Book lovers will love the idea of ​​working in the library. The work focuses on planning, ensuring that the books are in their proper place and that it is properly recorded when a book is sanctioned. However, you can also help arrange library events, which can be an exciting change in pace.

Library workers

9. Travel Guide

Working as a tour guide is a solid decision if you love your city or a tourist destination – such as a museum – and have a knack for charming tourists. This is worth it when it comes to lucrative, high-paying jobs. You will spend your day chatting with guests, showing them the best tourist locations you know.

Travel Guide

10. Independent Teacher

If you do well in a particular subject and have an inherent teaching ability, you may benefit as an independent teacher. Work can sound like one of the most accessible activities if you enjoy helping others by teaching complex topics.

Also, it is one of the most flexible job options around. You can choose how many clients you want to take and set your schedule.

Independent Teacher

11. Park Guard

Would you like to spend almost all of your time working outside? Then you may find that being a park ranger is one of the most straightforward tasks. You can lead tour groups to historic sites. You also need to make sure tourists are safe.

In addition, since it is usually a government job, a well-integrated benefits package often comes with the position.

12. Pharmacy Specialist

Looking for healthcare jobs in the USA that do not require much education but are well paid? Then you are in luck! When it comes to simple, high-paying jobs in the medical field that do not require graduation, a pharmacist is a solid solution.

After some training at work, you will spend your time dispensing medicine, talking to clients, collecting payments, and working with other medical professionals.

Pharmacy Specialist

13. House Painters

If you want to choose something practical and straightforward, working as a house painter might be acceptable. Your job involves using composite materials, such as primer, paint, and sealant.

Most artists learn their trade in the workplace, so having the right attitude can help you find this job when it comes to finding easy jobs.

House Painters

14. Sales Representative

The job position of a sales representative is an excellent social choice. By convincing customers, traders can bring in solid wages. They spend most of their time persuading other people to buy certain products. They are required to praise the good qualities of a product or service and answer questions from those who want to buy it.

Earnings are remarkable, considering you do not need a degree to get started.

Sales Representative

15. Voice Character

If you have a good or different voice, or if you can adjust the volume to fit the character you are playing, you can do well as a voice artist. These employees spend their days reading texts, such as commercials, video games, or voice-overs on television or film.

For others, this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Although it requires a particular talent or skill, you may not need much formal training. Your chances of success vary by a multitude of factors. The good news is that you will be able to work your way up as you gain knowledge.

16. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Although the job title is a bit scary, a nuclear power reactor operator is one of the most straightforward and most lucrative jobs. After completing your training and obtaining the prescribed licenses, your day usually involves following various procedures. This role makes the rhythm flow, which makes the job less stressful.

In addition, there are tremendous benefits.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

17. Specialist in Medical Records

Working as a medical records specialist would be a good decision if you like to keep things organised. Most of your responsibilities are focused on making sure the paperwork is complete and appropriate.

It is possible to get started in this field without a degree, although a professional certificate may make it easier.

Specialist in Medical Records

18. Truck Driver

For anyone who hears the calling of open roads, being a truck driver might be one of the most accessible jobs in the USA, designed especially for you. Most of the drivers’ time is spent driving, although you may have some loading and unloading responsibilities and record-keeping tasks, which you would have to handle, too.

How much you can earn varies depending on your license level and how well inclined towards the role you are.

Truck Driver


The above mentioned roles are arranged as simple, high paying jobs, depending on your skills and preferences. Check them all out and see if there are any that meet your needs. If so, take up one of these jobs and live a healthy life without much stress. We hope you find one of the best jobs in Aberdeen!

Thanks for reading!

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