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PDO Threads Lift For Neck, Eye & Nose

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PDO Threads

Aging is a natural phenomenon that happens to each of us and has severe effects on the skin. One of the most obvious effects is on the skin itself. While the body changes its hormonal way of functioning, the skin undergoes too many changes. It loses its charm and beauty. In this write-up, you will learn about a method that is commonly Known as PDO threads. How has this method prevented skin aging effects? Let us know by going through this write-up.

What is a PDO thread?

Most facelift surgeries are heavy and may have elevated effects such as pain or other severe effects. However, these are the features of the PDO threads that you can go through to get clear about these methods:

  • PDO threads are a non-invasive and painless method to treat the problem of sagging skin.
  • This method is comparatively less painful to the ones that cause a lot of pain in the patient, along with a number of many other complications.
  • This surgery takes only 45 minutes to 1 hour. This is in contrast to the time taken by many complicated surgeries.
  • PDO stands for Polydioxanone. It is one of the best sutures for a skin treatment that is undergoing sagging due to aging.

Which areas can be treated through PDO threads?

As seen in this write-up, the PDO threads method aims at the reduction of the signs of ageing and sagging of the skin. However, you must be aware of the parts that are the best victims of this treatment.

  • One can undergo thread surgery on the face, skin, neck, and jaws.
  • The effects of this surgery are long-lived and suited to those who are looking for painless and non-invasive methods.

However, it is better to ask your doctor if you really need this surgery or not. Although it is painless, it may have some other complications that might be still painful to you.

Who can take the PDO threads surgery?

Before one decides to go for any medical procedure or surgery, it is important to confirm and decide that you are the best candidate for that particular treatment. In the case of threads, you need to confirm the decision after going through these points:

  • People who are aging due to the natural tendency of the skin to change under the effects of time.
  • Anyone can go for this surgery until the effects are not due to many other issues than the natural signs of aging.
  • If you are suffering from any hormonal disorder that is causing your skin to get dragged and aged, then you must consider a session that makes your doctors analyze your skin and suggest you the right treatments.

In any case of complications from the cases that arise from problems other than those of aging, you must try consulting your doctor. They will have a discussion session with you and tell you which treatment is the best option for you.

Side effects of PDO threads

Like every surgery, this method of PDO threads is one with a bunch of many complications and side effects. Go through the common side effects that you can undergo after the treatment that comprises PDO threads.

  • Pain on the face may be the most common sign although this is a non-invasive technique.
  • The facial skin might suffer from irritation z redness, and bleeding. This may be due to the use of threads on the skin that has been exposed to the signs of ageing.
  • There may be some other issues in the skin pertaining to the issues as the results of PDO threads.

Recovery from PDO threads surgery side effects

Now the most important thing is the surgery. After going through the complications and side effects, it is important to know about the recovery from the side effects that are common after the PDO threads.

  • You must not apply any cosmetic that has any medication that has been restricted to you by the doctor.
  • No facial exercises that involve the motion of the facial muscles must be done within the treatment period.
  • Something that enhances the complication of the skin as a consequence of the PDO threads surgery, must be restricted as per the requirement.
  • Even if you have pain, then you must take care of the prescription and drugs that have been advised by the doctor.
  • To treat pain and irritation, you must not have anything that exceeds the drugs’ prescription. Always go for the precautions that have been advised by the doctor.


Most of us don’t want our skin to get aged even due to the natural reaction of the skin. Hormonal changes are obviously common and more prevalent in women, who have facial changes after a definite period of the skin.

You might have certain treatments like plastic surgery, Dubai to get rid of these consequences on the skin.

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