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How can we keep our secure youtube account?

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As you all know that today there is no such person who does not use social media platforms. Because in today’s new era all online media are more interested in using them. Because social media has become a part of our life today. So today we get a youtube account that can take many benefits by using social media platforms. And we make our difficult tasks easy with the help of social media platforms. Which gives us a lot of satisfaction, if you are a social media user. So you would know what are the benefits of social media and why we should use them.

So let’s now talk about how we can keep our secure youtube account. Then I want to tell you that YouTube is a popular social media platform. In which you get to see all kinds of videos. YouTube gives us a chance to make our mark. So that we can make our own identity through YouTube.

We can keep our secure youtube account in the following ways:

Create a strong password and keep it safe

As you all know that to create any social media account we need a username and a password. That’s why we have to make our passwords strong because a strong password helps us to protect our personal information. And prevent any other user from accessing your account.

Do not enter your YouTube account password on any other site. Because if those websites get hacked in the future then from there your YouTube channel can be accessed using your YouTube account password.

Protect your password from hackers

password protect youtube videos when you log in to your YouTube account on a non-Google site. So its activity status is visible on your Chrome browser. So that you know when and where your YouTube channel has been opened. If your YouTube channel has ever been hacked. Then you know youtube protection where and when your channel is logged in.

Manage your passwords

Whenever you create any of your social media accounts or change your password. So a password manager helps you choose the youtube password protect for your account which it tells you. Whether your password is weak or strong or even excellent and Google tells you. That you have already taken your password so we have to manage your password every time.

Never share your login information

As you all know that YouTube will never ask for your password in your email, phone call, or text message. So, you don’t need to share your accounts login youtube account information with anyone else, your account can be hacked. YouTube will not send you any foam related to your password for any of your personal information.

Do regular security checks

You’ll be able to properly manage your Youtube channel recovery via phone number and email with all kinds of features you’ll need.

And you prevent anyone from abusing your account so that your accounts don’t affect anyone else’s.

And if you believe there is any suspicious activity in your account. So you should check it properly, if for some reason you are automatically logged out of your accounts, you can use your account recovery.

Turn on 2-Step Verification

As you all know that the more advanced hackers are getting, the more our social media platforms protect their user accounts.

You can enable 2-Step Verification in your YouTube account. By which hackers hack your channel or account anytime. Even if he steals your password, you change your YouTube password using 2-Step Verification, and a code is sent to your phone. By which your YouTube account will be opened and you can keep your YouTube account safe.

Remove suspicious people from your account

You may not know the people who manage your account, but there are some accounts. Those who are present in our account can also hack your account. So we should remove such suspicious people from our account. Due to which our account feels at risk and daily we should optimize our account properly so that there is no problem later.

Remove sites and apps you don’t need

You should remove those sites and apps from your YouTube. Which you don’t need because some social media apps are like this. This is not right for our account, due to which our account remains at risk of being hacked. That’s why we should uninstall sites and apps that we no longer need.

Update your software and back up your account

As you all know that today every social media platform keeps updating its apps every month and week. So that their use does not have to face any kind of problem. So we should also install our YouTube products and software at the right time. And the most important thing is that we should back up our account. So that we will never face any problem in the future.

Protect against suspicious messages and content

In today’s advanced era, hackers have become very smart. That’s why they make every effort and make your life’s hard work their name in a few minutes, they are password protected youtube videos advanced hackers. Presents himself as a real person after obtaining your financial data, a National ID/Social Security number, or credit card number.

Hackers can also pretend to be your family co-workers using your email, text messages, and phone codes.

And no social media platform or YouTube will ask you for your password through your email and phone calls. If someone takes the name of YouTube or any other media platform. Asking you for your account password is fooling you so you should avoid such calls.


As we have told you some important things about a secure youtube account and how can make a youtube account. Which is going to be of great use to you in your coming time. So now we talk to you about social media services. In which today we will tell you about YouTube services.

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