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Get The Right Massage For Back Pain

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Massage for back pain


The human spine is made from several vertebrae bones, starting from the cervical to coccyx region. From in between the discs emerge the nerves, which spread out to different regions of your mid and lower section of the body.

It is the backbone that provides the maximum support to our skeletal system, including the muscles and the hip girdle. However, we often experience pain in our backs.

Be it due to constant sitting for hours without any back support or chronic neurological pain. Backaches can hinder your daily activities.

Usually, pain meds and physiotherapists are suggested for treating back problems. However, these treatment procedures won’t provide you relief or relaxation. Instead, they will dull the pain so that you can continue with your daily work without any hindrance.

So, if medicines and exercises are not 100% efficient in treating the backaches, what is the best solution?

According to experts, different types of back massage in online salon services can help you gain relaxation and relief. This article will talk about the benefits of getting a back massage and the types of massage procedures usually used for backache treatment.

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Types of back pain one can usually suffer from

The back pains one experiences can be due to 3 main reasons: neural problems, bone problems, and muscle pains.

Before we start talking about back massages, it will be better to know the types of pain one can experience.

  • Neurological pains involve impingement of nerves between two vertebrae or compression of all the nerves between two discs.
  • Due to poor sitting posture without proper back support, your spins will start aching. This happens mainly for people working in offices for long hours.
  • Degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can also cause terrific pains in your back, especially in the lumbar and sacral region.
  • Back pains can also be caused due to muscle strains. Strains are usually encountered while heavy weight lifting, sleeping in the wrong posture, or doing exercises in the wrong way.
  • Back pain is very common in case of an injury, and most people are involved in heavy-duty work. Therefore, in most cases, these are chronic problems.

Top massages suitable for back pain

If you think a simple hot oil massage is the only type you can get through the online salon services, you are unaware of the other face of the coin.

In most salon cone massage parlors, you will see different types of back massages being provided. Based on your health problem, you need to make an appointment via the salon booking app for a suitable massage.

If you are confused, do not worry any further!

In the following section, we will give you the names of the most effective back massages experts usually suggest.


It’s a traditional Japanese technique Of massage for back pain where we apply finger pressure in alternate ways on the trigger points of your back. This helps in relieving the trigger points of the pressure and reduces the knots in your tensed muscles. Even though we primarily use fingers to put the right amount of pressure over our muscles, different tools have come into practice over time.

They design these tools are for acupressure therapy which is the main concept of Shiatsu. According to the experts, the trigger points lie along “meridians.” Once you put pressure on these points, it will improve the flow of vital life energy. All, the healing ability of your body will improve a lot and alleviate the back pain.

Hot stone massage

First, you will lay in your stomach, and expose the back till the waist. Next, place the hot basalt rocks along both sides of the backbone at a certain distance from each other It is the relevant position of massage for back pain.

Basalt is an igneous rock. Hardened lava from these rocks. These rocks have high heat retention capacity, which makes them perfect for alleviating back pain.

The heat from the rocks enhances your body’s natural healing power, thereby speeding the recovery from a back injury. In addition, it also helps in relaxing the muscles and easing the tight knots.

Potli massage

The potli massage is common in Indian ayurvedic treatment. Dip A small muslin cloth in the hot ayurvedic oil and then coat with either dried herbs or hot sand. Using this piece of cloth, the masseur will apply pressure on the trigger points, helping your body relax and heal itself via rejuvenation.

They use Several herbs in the technique, starting with ashwagandha to rosemary, lavender, cardamom, etc. Thanks to these herbs, your neurons will be able to relax and heal the damages. Hence the potli massage is perfect for neurological patients.

Thai yoga massage

The name suggests that this technique conducts both stretching yoga exercises and pressure point massage along energy lines.

The yoga exercises will help in making your back muscles flexible and stronger. Also, it’s wonderful for those suffering from spine degenerative disease.

Once the stretches are over, we can use acupressure massage using hot oils and fingers. Again, applying the right pressure on the trigger points will help revitalize the energy lines and induce self-healing.

Deep tissue massage

In this technique, we apply the long and deep strokes repeatedly along the pressure lines. Such strokes allow the pressure to reach underneath the skin, deep-seated muscle tissues, and alleviate strains and injury aches.

The deep tissue massage is beneficial for removing muscle strains, making them more active, and activating the deep-seated healing channels. That’s why we consider it as one of the best massage techniques for back pain.

Benefits of having a back massage

  • Helps in treating chronic injuries from sports or other activities
  • Perfect in alleviating both muscle and bone aches
  • Activates and revitalizes the tired neurons
  • Effective in inducing self-healing process of your body
  • Enhances movement of the spinal discs and increase the flexibility
  • Eliminates soreness and stiffness from the entire back

If you plan to get a Massage for back pain yourself. Do not forget to use the salon booking app to get an early appointment. Before wrapping up our discussion completely, let us tell you that massages will provide relief and long-term effects. It’s only when you have multiple sessions at periodic intervals.

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